It’s been a while since I posted and how shameful would I be if I let the year end without some updates.

I’m excited about the prospects for tablets this holiday season -and well into the new year.  I was equally as excited to see the Latitude 10 Tablet featured from Dell on their website.

That excitement and it quickly when I saw that unfortunately it’s powered with Dual-core Atom processors and not the Dual Core i5 Intel processors we’ve come to expect from full-powered devices like the Ultrabooks of today.  Lacking the keyboard, the device is nary a scant bit thinner.  We surely could have gone with a mm greater in thickness for the benefit of the faster processor; and gladly paid an extra $100 for it.

I’d be curious to see how these dual-core Atom’s perform when using real-world Windows applications, the tasks a full-featured Windows 8 Tablet should easily be able to accomplish.


Latitude 10 Tablet Details | Dell.