Cloud Storage

I had a client ask about an old iCloud storage plan, recently. She’s still on the grandfather’s plan for $10.99/year that provides 20GB. That was probably enough for advanced users back when Apple introduced iCloud storage in 2011. Today 50GB is for most...

Small Dog Electronics now swaps out dead iPhones

Very cool news. No more will Vermonters have to wait for Apple to mail in a broken iPhone. As always: by the AppleCare+ when you buy your iPhone. Tech Tails Archives | Small Dog Electronics.

MacBook Air $200 off @ Best Buy

4760675, 4775307, 4775291, 4775273_ – Best Buy. Worth looking into if you’re in the market for their thinnest MacBook.  I imagine they are cleaning out inventory.  Maybe a refresh of the laptops is coming soon?